Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moving out, Moving in.

One of the more interesting things during our dating is that with both of our crazy schedules, our times together has been decreasing.

Finally, things came to a head.
So, we finally decided to move in together.  The problem is, "where"?

Basically, I live and work in the city, she lives and works in the 'burbs.
I had to persuade her not to buy a home.  As things stand, two of the kids will be gone inside of three years, and then we will be stuck with too much home. 

We've come to a bit of a compromise, I'd move out and join her in the 'burbs, but only until the two oldest graduate high school; after that, we're moving back into town and get a nice two bedroom place.

Three max.

The plan is to save up as much as we can, maybe put a sizable chunk for a down payment on a home/condo/townhouse and we'd be golden.

We gotten a place close to NASA and I paid the first month and moved up the moving day to somewhere in the middle of the month so I can move small stuff gradually and then move the big stuff in one big swoop.

Her plan was a bit more chaotic.  While my lease up,  I had no problems.  Her land lord was a bit more....difficult.  They had no formal lease agreement, and it was ALWAYS understood she was on a month to month status.  Once he got wind she was moving out, he panicked and immediately rented out the place to someone else before she was fully moved out.

By the first of the month, we had boxes, people, animals, to the point it looked like a small disaster area.

it took almost two months for things to be somewhat organized, but being two busy people and 3 kids with agendas all their own and animals running around, it made things a bit overwhelming.

But its down, now, we had to figure out how the kids will accept a new authority figure.


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