Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moving out, Moving in.

One of the more interesting things during our dating is that with both of our crazy schedules, our times together has been decreasing.

Finally, things came to a head.
So, we finally decided to move in together.  The problem is, "where"?

Basically, I live and work in the city, she lives and works in the 'burbs.
I had to persuade her not to buy a home.  As things stand, two of the kids will be gone inside of three years, and then we will be stuck with too much home. 

We've come to a bit of a compromise, I'd move out and join her in the 'burbs, but only until the two oldest graduate high school; after that, we're moving back into town and get a nice two bedroom place.

Three max.

The plan is to save up as much as we can, maybe put a sizable chunk for a down payment on a home/condo/townhouse and we'd be golden.

We gotten a place close to NASA and I paid the first month and moved up the moving day to somewhere in the middle of the month so I can move small stuff gradually and then move the big stuff in one big swoop.

Her plan was a bit more chaotic.  While my lease up,  I had no problems.  Her land lord was a bit more....difficult.  They had no formal lease agreement, and it was ALWAYS understood she was on a month to month status.  Once he got wind she was moving out, he panicked and immediately rented out the place to someone else before she was fully moved out.

By the first of the month, we had boxes, people, animals, to the point it looked like a small disaster area.

it took almost two months for things to be somewhat organized, but being two busy people and 3 kids with agendas all their own and animals running around, it made things a bit overwhelming.

But its down, now, we had to figure out how the kids will accept a new authority figure.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Like a family....kinda'"....

Having decided not to work yesterday, I took efforts to catch up on things around the house, catch up on TIVO, BS on the phone with friends, and generally have a lazy day.

This has been a rather past week, and I'll get to them a bit later, but for now, I'll just catch up with what's currently happening.

FF came over after work with her kiddo (Tommy) to just relax, I ran to get some KFC and ate on the floor of my living room.  He's fallen in love with my TIVO and my HDTV, and I let him watch cartoons as FF and I discussed our day.

In case you're wondering, Rabbit and James was spending time at her father's this month.  Custody thing. Whatever.

Having concluded to compromise on our living arrangements, I quietly surrendered to living in the burbs until at least Rabbit graduates from High school. 
This does several things:

*This keeps her two oldest from switching high schools, which I kinda' think is important.
*This will force us to rent a home/apartment in the area, since there is no point in buying something that short term.
*Once the other two leave the nest, we can actually buy a smaller home since, by that time, Tommy will only stay for couple of more years until HE goes to college.

We can live in a cramped home for awhile. It's not that big of a deal.  The only thing holding us now is my lease which I happened to sign a few months ago out of habit.  So we can take our time and finding something suitable.
During our snacking and Sponge bob square pants commentary from the little one, she was coming to terms with commuting.
She recently gotten a new job with better opportunities...unfortunately for her, she had to leave a job that was 5 minutes away, to one that was closer to Downtown Houston, 30 minutes away.
She complained about the added time and cost of fuel and glared at me slightly when gave her that "welcome to my world" look.
When I move in, my commute is going to be horrid.  I think she realize how big of a concession this was for me. 
Yes. I love it when I'm proven right.
She's starting to learn she isn't involved with an idiot.  But I DO have my moments, I'm a guy after all.

After decimating the chicken, and during some mild horse play with the boy, kitty decided to make her appearance and managed to steal an uneaten leg of chicken and took it to the kitchen. 
What the hell?

While I was hanging the boy from his ankles and swinging him around, FF was looking incredulously at bitchcat reach into the bucket, grab a drumstick and put it in her bowl in the kitchen.

Not much has changed.
After I threw the kid down on a sea of cushions on the floor, we went ahead and settled down for some movie watching, the he made a comment he was unsure, but comfortable with.

"It's just like we're a family...kinda'."

FF and I just smiled at each other and enjoyed the rest of our evening....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A long time coming

I have been quite lazy in my postings  over the last year, but truth be told there wasn't  much to write about. FF and I have been going along just fine. The sex is great, she seems more open to some more of my "bizarre" requests and may be actually hosting a party in the not so distant future.
So for the few remaining readers, I will gamely try to catch you up.
As I write this, I'm currently in the clutches of southwest airlines somewhere near chicago on my way back home.  The reason for my flying, despite my fairly irrational hate of flying is that my daughter got married this week.  The signs around her apartment hints at some less than normal sex life. Since it is creepy for a father to think of such thoughts without getting uncomfortable,i will stop right there.
Forgive me if I am a little disjointed as we just hit a long stretch of turbulence and writing calms me down.
I have been taking a fairly active role with the kids as I spend more and more time. They are a little undecided as to how to think of me, but realize I am swift in punishments if they are not complaint with their  mom's wishes or their chores.
Even bitch cat wasn't spared to change and was introduced to the family dog one day when she came after a vet visit.
True to her nature, she gave no ground and just stared at the dog that was as big as she was when she approached. The dog did give some thought (pause?) about licking her, but my fully armed cat made her reconsider that move.
She is a cat of significant size, y'know.
So far, the three only real sticking points is where to move to.
City v. 'Burbs.
About to land and hopefully the rest of the flight will be less bumpy.
Did I mention that I hate flying?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wedding betrayal.

Things have been going well overall, so everything is perfectly boring, which is just fine with me.
I even got the oldest a musical instrument since I figure it would be something to distract him from some of the bad influences he's been involved with and had taken to the instrument immediately.

Meanwhile, issues with my own kid seem to have gotten a but more exciting; it seems that she is interested in getting married.
While I am a realist about this sort of thing,i was a bit peeved about not waiting until she's finished with her undergraduate degree.

Fine. I'll get over it, but secretly I was thrilled. He's a fine young man with ambition and certainly has potential.

While discussing potential dates, she commented that *I* wasn't going to walk her down the isle.

I was devastated.
I was angry.

She comments to me that she wanted to walk herself down the isle, because she felt she was always an adult. Needless to say that I wasn't thrilled by that statement.

It was later when FF, who had joined her facebook page, asked her the reasoning behind her choices. It basically came down that the tradition was stupid and just because I was raised in the last "millennium" that didn't mean that she had to follow them.

It was at this point when I decided that I can't count on her to take care of me in my old age as I have done with her grandmother, an unspoken expectation and tradition within the family.
It was at this point that I decided I need to look after my own interests and let heer pay her own way thru college, as I have been paying her tuition in cash up until now.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rebirth of a blog

This blog, I think will take a bit of a new turn, while it seems that I'm in a relationship that continues to grow, this blog, like people, has to grow as well.
I will start including more of family/relationship and as well the children. As usual, I will take great pains to disguise details as much as possible so people won't put two and two together. 

Will I be deleting the previous posts?
No.  The posts are about who I was at the time, and this will show a chronological sense of my journey from someone single, to someone that isn't.

Will this alter my other blog?
Hardly, but it will change a bit.  FF's role will increase on there and will participate, or even arrange the parties and perhaps even talk about some of her CL adventures on here.

Will FF know about the blogs?
No.  Period.  If anything, I will have to find a creative way to hide this blog from my histories once the inevitable merging occurs.

Will sex be mentioned on here?
As it was previously, no.   But the various topics ABOUT sex and what couples go through will be talked about.

What else will be mentioned on here?
For starters, my relationship with FF her friends and family, as well as my own.  
Expect a bit more drama as well, particularly between me, her kids and my own child as we all go through a transition of sorts.  While mine is away in college, she is feeling a bit of a need to extend her own independence at the expense of any feelings I may have on the various topics.


I know it has been quite some time since I have updated.
Truth be told, nothing of significance has occurred until recently.  It seems that I will be adding some new characters to my lineup:
  • Kiddo, as you know is my..well, college child and has been mentioned in passing.
  • "James", is her oldest.  Obnoxious kid that is trying to find himself, so I kinda' cut him a little slack.  It seems like he's well on his way on being a world class douchebag as he gets older*, but I'll work on that.
  • Rabbit, is a younger sister a couple of years younger.  She's also trying to find herself in that awkward stage.  I hate to say it, but she's not that bright. ("14+7=24, right?")
  • Tommy, who is the youngest.  He acts and thinks like a typical child of his age, so I give him quite a bit of slack, much to FF's dismay.

This past weekend, we stayed at a hotel in Downtown to simply enjoy each others company (Read: fuck our brains out) and had a chance to actually move beyond the drivel we normally talk about and started getting into some other more meaningful topics.
I think we're about to move into a bit of the next stage.  No, "I love you's" were exchanged, but I think it is safe to say they were implied.
We got the big "Swinger" topic out of the way and is willing to play up to a point, but I will get to that later.

The weekend ended well, we were happy and content** and all was right with the world.
But there was one slight thing that kinda' happened before the weekend.
Katy and I have been talking, but nothing serious and I will touch upon that in the OTHER blog.
Then this past friday, Stella mentioned that she was moving into town.  The conversation I can't really share, but I pretty much told her that I'm off the market, but I didn't tell her if FF OK's it, that's another story..

As FF and I are talking and I'm giving her the heads up and history of stella, my phone buzzes with an incoming email.


Do these girls have impeccable timing or what?

* C'mon, you know the assholes, douchebags, and jerks you know now had to come from SOMEWHERE.
**You know you had a good weekend when your cock is sore. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Circling the drain...

The past few weeks have been amazingly troubling and busy, and because of it our time together has shrunk considerably.
Forgive me if this is a bit more rambling than usual, but some details can't be spoken about due to the unusual facets of it.

The lack of time together has been because of conflicting schedules; mine is work, and hers is with her children.
That was expected from the get go and I was good about it.

Lately, there has been some troubles regarding her older son (still a teen) who seems to have had some disciplinary problems.  
It's nothing that my child has hasn't done, but she was smart enough to not get caught and has straightened out.

However, her child HAS been caught in the past and is now facing a charge that is something that could stick with him beyond his childhood years.

The thing that angers me the most is that he STILL doesn't get how serious it is.
While this may sound very selfish, I have a feeling this will also affect the little dating time FF and I are able to accomplish.
It is this fact along with other concerns that have been driving me a little crazy.
I know kids eventually will fly straight, my kid has, but it's just a reminder of the trials and heartaches that raising a child can be.  
Knowing what is ahead terrifies me, but I feel that I have an advantage of "been there, done that" parenting wise, but to say that it is a bit disconcerting is to put it mildly.

To have her crying trying to say that she  "don't want you to think I raise bad kids" while she's on the verge of totally losing it just makes me wonder if I should pull the plug on this or not.