Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Enter: Football Fan

For the fun of it, I put out an ad for a "Kinky Girlfriend" for LTR with "intentions".
Didn't expect any responses.
None. At all.

Within 5 hours, I got a response.
After a flurry of responses and a brief exchange of history, she was ready to meet.
Being that this happened within only 8 hours and all falling together within a short amount of time, it threw me off totally.
Having to work, I had to beg off meeting or even talking on the phone until monday, but we kept in touch throughout the weekend with emails.

My Sunday suddenly became open and at three-ish, we agreed to meet at a chain restaurant.
Having arrived there a bit ahead of her, I went ahead and ordered (I was starving) and waited.
15 minutes later, my phone buzzed with a Text "Just pulling up."
Instantly, I started scouting the parking lot and I spotted two vehicles that arrived, but only one had a single female in it.
She seemed to be of "Average" height and weight wearing A Texan's Jersey.  Upon entering the door, I waved at her and her smile beamed at me as she walked over and immediately ordered something.
Cutting to the chase after a few minutes, I wanted to know about her marriage, and in short, she was saying how her divorce was about to be over, and quite frankly, was interested in dating "several people" so she wouldn't fall into the trap of "Marrying on the rebound."
Perfectly understandable.

The chat eventually shifted over the topic of the kinks I listed.  Reason being is that I wanted to make sure that the person I was to be with had the same appetite and kinks that I do.  I was determined not to make that same mistake again.  As I went down my list, she didn't seem to flinch.
Not a single bit
She went on to say that she was a bit of a swinger as well and went on to elaborate on some other things that she would and wouldn't do.
The conversation shifted over a variety of topics and it was soon apparent that the waitress wanted her table back for some new customers.
I asked her if she wanted me to walk her to her car and have a brief smooching session.
Just smooching.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
"You know, it would be rather unseemly to be smooching in public." she said.
"Well, it was only going to be a quick smooch." I said defensively.
"Might be able to handle that, but lets do it privately."
Somehow we wound up in the backseat in my car.
It went from a casual smooching session to an outright make-out session.
My growing erection forced me to adjust myself.  I thought I had done it discretely until I heard her ask if she could feel it.
Who am I to deny her that?
We continued to kiss as I finally had to "set it free" because it was uncomfortable and immediately started to stroke it; after a minute or two, she took one look at it and proceeded to to give me a sweet blowjob.*
After a few more minutes, we came to the realization that perhaps sitting in an open parking lot, near a chain restaurant with the sun blazing wouldn't be a good idea.
Rather quickly, I get back into the front seat and we drive to a slightly more "isolated" spot behind a nearby construction trailer...facing the frontage road to the freeway.
Getting into the backseat, we pick up where we left off with the blowjob.
her kneeling on my seat to give me the blowjob, I reach over and stroke her pussy over her shorts for a few minutes.  Eventually, I reach under her shorts and reached for, and then gently fingered her clit
She changed her pace to a more sensual technique instead of the frantic pace she had initially.   Bring her face up, cradled her and continued to smooch for a bit longer while I caressed her.  She moved my hand to her crotch and started to grind against it, that just turned me on even more, we kissed more passionately as I unbuttoned her shorts.  They were kicked off within seconds as she put them on the floor.
She apologized about not having "pretty" underwear.  Seems like I wasn't the only one not anticipating the backseat smooching session going as far as it did.
But we were far from ending it.
As we continued kissing, I gently rubbed her clit, while I was slowly increasing pressure on it.  She was getting so wet my fingers were just sliding up and down the surfaces of her pussy and ass.  As my fingers felt her tight hole, I tentatively dipped my finger in and was greeted by a loud moan and harder kissing.
Finally pulling away from her I said, I wanted to eat her ass.
Without hesitation, she got up and maneuvered into kneeling away from me and spread her cheeks.
Not being totally brain dead, I went up behind her and proceeded to lick and tongue fuck her ass and proceeded to keep rubbing and fingering her pussy.
I noticed her starting to shake a bit more and that is when it became apparent her pussy was REALLY getting wet.
Sopping wet.
Then gushing.
Then squirting.
I was in awe, I wanted to lick it up, but I wasn't at the right angle to do so.** I did, however, try to get as much as I could in my hand and sucked it up from there.  She apparently was able to see what I was doing and said that it was a major turn on.
Having her turn over so I can eat her out, she wanted me to kiss her so she could taste her juices on my face, as I bent down to kiss her, with my also being bottomless, we got dangerously close to actual sex*** and temptation was very close.  It took quite a bit of effort, but I kept the kissing brief and played it off that I just wanted to lick more of her juices.
As I went back down, her pussy was totally wet and I was fingering her as I concentrated on her clit.  As I sensed my fingers being squeeze by her muscles, there was an increase of juices flowing out of her to the point that there was a little squirting, I automatically put my mouth to cover her as much of her wet pussy as possible and swallowed as much as of her liquid as possible.
I. Loved. Every. Single. Drop.
We repositioned ourselves so she can finish her blowjob with a nice steady rhythm, but it seemed to gradually take on a bit more urgency for some reason.
My fingering her asshole and pussy at the same time, might have had something to do with it.
As her pace picked up, my fingers got deeper and got a bit more motion in them.
Several things at once happened that made me have an intense orgasm.
One:  She was hitting the back of her throat with a bit of force.
Two: The muscles in her pussy and asshole were gripping my fingers and I was feeling her start to drip/gush again.
Three: There was a gentleman walking by my car.  Even though I had dark tinted windows, the light from the sun was enough for him to give him a good view of what my fingers were doing.  Oddly (to me), he walked off after we made contact and turned away with this...what I would describe as a matter of fact look.
The combination of these made me my orgasm quite powerful and held her head down on my cock as I came.****
She sat back on the passenger side and I snuggled up to her on her lap and we talked for a bit, fleshing out our histories and our intentions.
Looking up towards her, her fully covered breasts were teasingly close.
"Can I take a peek at them?"
"You already seen the pictures," she responded.*****
Earlier I had said that one of my kinks was breast "torture" and was a bit dubious about it, but she complied with my request and was greeted by a lovely nipple.
I immediately put it in my mouth and set it between my teeth while sucking it.
The response, as you would suspect, was immediate.  The nipple hardened in my mouth and I was vigorously sucking and biting the rest of her breast for a few minutes.
She then lifted me up, pushed me back to a sitting position and started to straddle my lap after presenting her breasts to me once again.
The breathing intensified, I attacked her breasts more, and then I reached behind and shoved a finger up her ass.
She shifted her weight, looked at me in the eyes and said, "To hell with it."
With that she impaled herself on my cock and her eyes immediately rolled to the back of her head while she ground into me and had, from what I could tell, an instant, small but intense orgasm.

We sat back down and talked for a bit longer.
"You know, this 'Linner' lasted much longer than I thought it would." I finally said.
"Yeah, we're going to have to leave soon."
"We're going to have to leave VERY soon, though." as I casually looked at my dashboard.
"Oh, sick of my company already?" she said with a dangerous sound in her voice.
"Nah. I'm almost out of gas." and casually pointed to the indicator.
It has been almost 2 hours since we hopped in.
"I see what you mean."
"Let's get you back to your car," I said as our respective shorts went back on.
"I'm going to back back to my car." she said as I jumped up front.
"Yeh. Need to clear my head before I get into my car."
With that she jumped out and proceeded to walk at a moderate pace.
Putting the car in gear, I lower the window and keep up with her.
"Hey little girl. Wanna jump in?"
"Nah, I've been told not to get into cars with strangers."
"I got some really good candy."
"No thank you. I got some nice candy earlier from another bad man."
A car had just pulled up and I needed to move on as I was blocking the way in.
I blew her a kiss as I drove off.
As I got to a nearby gas station, my car sputtered to a stop before I had a chance to turn off the key.
Just in time.
reaching into my phone, I sent her a text msg:
"I could have stayed longer."

We shall see what our next date is like.

*She said that once she saw the pre-cum on the tip, she knew she wanted it in her mouth. 
**No. My first thought of detailing my car didn't come to mind until MUCH later.
*** Again. We weren't prepared for this eventuality.
****She said a bit later she didn't taste it, suggesting that my cock was actually a little further down her throat. That was hot.
*****She showed me a picture on her cell phone earlier that she was going to send to me.


  1. None of my first meetings end like this. That was hot! Hopefully, you see her again soon.

  2. That is one hot post! Good luck with her in the future.

  3. Ok..I know I'm late to comment here but wow....I thought I told you not to do the things I would do on a first date??

  4. Aurore: Most of my meetings wind up this way, through no fault of my own. I REALLY play innocent.

    LG: Thanks, it was actually a bit hotter, but it would have just turned into a much rambling post.

    Starfish: Shaddup. :)